Bio-Wrap - Compostable Wrapping

More popular than ever is eco-friendly 100% compostable biodegradable Bio-Wrap mailing film which provides a sustainable alternative to the traditional plastic LPDE polywrap that has been used in the direct mail industry for many years.

Bio-wrap is made from potato/corn starch, which is derived from food industry waste, meaning you do not need to grow a crop specifically to make it. In the right environment compostable wrap will break down naturally and will fully biodegrade in compost, soil, fresh or salt water.

Compostable wrap provides an excellent green solution for direct mail campaigns.

At Micropress, we stock a selection of different Bio-Wrap mailing films to cover most formats. Plain wrap can be used with a digitally overprinted carrier sheet, or we can inkjet personalise white-band Bio-Wrap to reduce production costs. Alternatively, we can supply full colour wrap although there are limitations on colour coverage to comply with the biodegradable credentials.

Importantly we can also reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint of transporting your print to another mailing house by both printing and mailing at our state-of-the-art-facility. In addition, this reduces transport costs along with delivery timescales for your direct mail campaign.