Data Management Services

Data management is key for any direct mail campaign. With the latest software programmes, our bureau department provides a full suite of data management services required for processing and mailsorting UK and overseas data.

Mail Sortation & Postage Savings

Mail sortation of address data is used to achieve substantial postage savings in the UK.

At Micropress, we use bespoke software to mailsort data for Royal Mail and the Down Stream Access (DSA) providers to all services including Mailmark®. A minimum of 4,000 letters or 1,000 large letters is required in a single mailing to qualify for mailsorted postage discount.


Removing duplicate data is imperative for direct mail campaigns. Our bureau team can identify and remove duplicate records which will save you money and increase ROI, as you will not be sending multiple items to the same recipient. We can dedupe to any level and return duplicate records identified back to you to improve the quality of data you are holding.

Data Cleansing & Audit

We can provide a FREE data audit report for any direct mail campaign that you have scheduled in with us. The report will highlight - Duplicate records, Goneaways, Deceased records and report on new addresses if available.

PAF Cleansing

The Postcode Address File (PAF) is a database that contains all known "Delivery Points" and postcodes in the United Kingdom. The PAF is a collection of over 29 million Royal Mail postal addresses and 1.8 million postcodes. PAF constantly changes to reflect new builds, updates, and deletions with between 3,000 and 5,000 updates every day. By using Royal Mail's Postcode Address File (PAF) which contains the latest, most accurate UK address data, we compare your data against PAF and update accordingly to limit returns and deliver mail quickly and accurately.