Choose from multiple cost effective options with our high-speed polywrapping services

Polywrapping is one of the most efficient and low-cost direct mail options to mail out brochures, magazines, catalogues, and leaflets.

Operating from our state-of-the-art-facility, Micropress can polywrap most printed items from large catalogue runs to specialist magazines on our high-speed polywrapping lines.

Polywrap is cheaper, more versatile, and lighter than an equivalent paper envelope so can help save you costs when weight is an issue, not just on the cost of an envelope but also on postage costs. It can be used to wrap multiple items with different formats into one pack, saving money on bespoke envelopes.

Polywrapping offers a tough, waterproof, and protective layer around your mail pack and adds a professional, protective outer to your printed materials, which is very important for the impact of your campaign. One of the key benefits of polywrapping is the visibility of your product and brand as it can be clearly seen by the recipient.

We offer multiple polywrap options from clear poly, white-band, and full colour pre-printed polywrap all available in different sizes depending on the addressing options and visual impact you are looking to achieve with your campaign.

Each of our polywrapping lines have online high-quality HP inkjet capabilities for printing addresses, text, and graphics either directly onto the polywrap or with litho printed carrier sheets

By using Micropress for your polywrapping requirements, you can reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint of transporting your print to another mailing house by both printing and mailing at our state-of-the-art-facility.