Postage Costs & Solutions

With over 30 years of Direct Mail and postage knowledge, Micropress Printers can provide discounted postage rates for all UK & International direct mail campaigns.

We work with Royal Mail, the Down Stream Access (DSA) providers (Onepost, Citipost, Whistl, UK Mail & Secured Mail) and international mail consolidators which enables us to achieve the lowest possible postage rates for our clients.

By mailsorting data, we can offer substantial cost savings on UK postal direct mail campaigns combined with advice on both print and design elements to ensure you pay the lowest price available.

Advertising Mail – if the content of your mailing qualifies for advertising mail, reduced postage costs will apply

Mailmark® - we can process and run jobs via the Royal Mail barcoded service, reducing postage costs where applicable on qualifying direct mail campaigns

Along with substantial discounts on postal costs, we also have access to very competitive trackable courier services and rates due to the significant volume of courier deliveries we despatch daily from our state-of-the-art print facility.