Micropress has installed a brace of CoBo Stack automated stacking machines, in the process becoming the first printer in the UK to have two robotic arms.

The two MBO robot stackers were delivered at the start of December and have quickly proved indispensable.

“Like all other print companies, we have been under greater pressure during the last year due to Covid-19,” says director Paul Coby. “We traded throughout the pandemic and were busy again towards the end of the year.

“As a result, we were looking for greater automation in our print production to help workflow. The CoBo Stacks were the first pieces of kit we invested in since the first lockdown last year and we had to ensure we got it right.

“Despite having only been running for a couple of months, we have seen some benefits already, with the CoBo Stacks freeing up staff to look after other work.”

The robotics arms work by collecting a pile from the delivery of the folder, lifting and placing each in the ideal position on a pallet for the next phase of production. It reduces the manpower load on a folder, allowing an operator to concentrate on the feed end while automation takes care of offloading tasks.

The CoBo Stack robots are what is known as cobots, working without guards alongside human operators. Safety systems prevent any unwanted accidents while in operation. And that has proved reliable, says Coby with the devices operating as smoothly as anticipated.

“December was a very busy month of the year for us and we were really pleased that the CoBo Stacks were able hit the ground running,” Coby said. “They have been running well. We have had no major issues and we have also got an update booked in to further improve performance.”