Spring Case Study


Project Info:

Can you tell us more about your job role/business?

Spring is a communications agency working with national and regional companies to support and enhance their businesses.

What sectors do you work in?

Design, communications, brand and digital

When did you first start working with Micropress?

We have been working together for 13 years

Why did you choose Micropress?

Firsty Micropress are local to our office, but also large enough to not be under pressure. We’ve always found their client services are top class, with good and open communications and efficient print management throughout every project.

Costs and timelines are absolutely crucial to our business and Micropress has never let us down. They are nice people to work with, always working to tight deadlines and looking for solutions when necessary.

How do Micropress add value to your projects?

Speed, efficiency, value for money, quality, project support and advice.

What’s your biggest challenge with print, and how has Micropress helped to solve that?

Many printers shroud the print process as a ‘dark art’. Micropress have cut through this and work to help my staff understand not only the details and restrictions of the print process, but how to alter the creative process so that print and design can work together to ensure best quality results that financially benefit the end client.